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The Making the World a Better Place Foundation is currently focusing on a basically unacknowledged group of parents and children that consists of 50% of our population. These are parents and children of divorce who frequently have emotional issues that can effect them the rest of their lives. Children of divorce are more likely to have long term issues with one or both parents, be involved in drug and alcohol abuse, juvenile delinquency or experience other behavioral problems than those children from intact families.

The foundation is currently developing grant proposals to produce the documentary “The Place of Refuge” that will teach parents to divorce more peacefully. At the film’s end parents and children will be directed to an online community and website, as well as a local “place or refuge” or center where divorcing and single parents can go for support and learn the processes taught in the film.

Donations may be made easily and securely online, in a variety of ways, by clicking on the links on this page. You may make payments with your Credit Card using PayPal (you do not need to have a PayPal account). Donations may also be sent by mail to the Making the World a Better Place Foundation Office listed below.

Making the World a Better Place Foundation
P.O. Box 20345
Hot Springs, AR 71903

Office: 501-525-6719
Fax: 866-725-6820

Donations may also be called in or faxed by credit card to 1-866-725-6820 Also, you may email with your intention to make a donation and we will contact you to make payment arrangements (for security reasons, please do not email your credit card information directly).

Please be advised that the Making the World a Better Place Foundation is no longer affiliated with the Lindwall Releasing community. Furthermore, the Lindwall Releasing community, its agents or assigns are no longer eligible to solicit or accept donations under the Making the World a Better Place foundation’s 501c3 Non-Profit corporation. You will need to check with the Lindwall Releasing website to verify if donations to their efforts are now considered tax deductible. Contact may contact them at to have your questions addressed.

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