The mission of the Foundation is to assist children and their families in overcoming the negative impact of traumatic life experiences especially that of divorce. Each year, more than a million children experience the divorce of their parents, and many must deal with the emotional fallout alone, frequently leading to drug and alcohol abuse, depression, juvenile delinquency, suicide and other emotional problems. Most often, parents have no understanding of how to protect their children from this traumatic event in their lives. Our society is at great risk because of parents’ inability to handle their divorce well, causing their children great pain that is often unresolved and passed on down to the next generation. For more information regarding the film, please go to www.calmingthestormofdivorce.org.

Our purpose is to educate parents in a number of ways that will alleviate some of these negative outcomes for themselves and their children. One way our foundation is planning to help this group of parents and their children is by producing an innovative film with an award winning filmmaker, Karin Davidson, Dr. George Pratt, an acclaimed clinical psychologist and a modern day Hawaiian Kahuna among others.

The Foundation’s documentary film, The Place of Refuge–Calming the Storm of Divorce, offers a new approach to divorce, educating parents and providing practical ways of creating a child-centered,amicable restructuring of the family. Narrated by Larry King, the film features top mental health professionals, who will present the latest and most effective therapies and Nonviolent Communication (NVC) to help divorcing parents disconnect from their anger, frustration and revenge, and begin to resolve the wounds and pain of their past so they can be emotionally available and present for their children.

Another process that is shown in the film is the use of Energy Psychology, a modern day healing process designed to help resolve emotional issues. It is considered a family of interventions that are highly effective in empowering people of all ages to relieve their negative emotional states and behaviors. It is believed that childhood negative events, including natural disasters, traumas, negative messages or abuse can have a major impact on us, and unless these issues are healed, they are brought into our adult lives affecting our self-esteem, our health, our future and our relationships with others. When these negative memories are healed, symptoms often dissolve, frequently within minutes, and people’s lives are transformed.

This documentary was filmed for the most part in Kona, Hawaii and has compelling content regarding information on how the ancient and modern day Hawaiian traditions passed down through the generations help the divorcing parents in their society protect their children. Those traditions and concepts can help modern day parents understand what needs to happen during this difficult time in order for their children to avoid the emotional scars of divorce. The film uses the metaphor of the Place of Refuge, today a national park and a cultural site in Kona, where the ancient Kahunas retrieved those Hawaiians from the ocean who were banished from the island, breaking a taboo of their society, forgave them and helped them integrate back into their society. Dr. George Pratt, (see video below) and one of our board members, shows us exactly how to turn what can be a deeply traumatic time into a peaceful transition for parents and children and how a new kind of therapy, Emotional Freedom Techniques can be of tremendous help to both parents and their children during this time.

The documentary shines a light on the hearts, minds and voices of children of divorce, revealing the many feelings, beliefs and attitudes they often acquire as children of divorce that negatively affect their future lives. Feelings and beliefs such as fear of commitment, seen today in large numbers of unmarried parents, guilt and trust issues, fears of abandonment and intimate relationships are only some of the emotional issues that children see, internalize and then pass on to their own children, the next generation. When parents become aware of what might happen as a result of divorce, they can take the steps to learn the skills to prevent these harmful attitudes and children will be less affected as a result.

It it time that society promotes the “friendly divorce” and parents are educated as to how to achieve this goal. When children’s emotional needs are ignored, their grades decline. Who can concentrate when there are so many problems and worries about home life? Schools also begin to pay the price when children’s grades decline. Teachers and schools are often targeted as not providing a good education because children are not learning. The negative effects of a contentious divorce ripples across our society and the next generation carries the emotional scars on to their children. It is believed that childhood negative events, such as divorce, natural disasters, traumas, negative messages or abuse can have a major impact on us, and unless these issues are healed at that time, they are brought into our adult lives affecting our self-esteem, our health, our future and our relationships with others.

Our hope is to begin offering a series of free online classes for both parents and school counselors called Children in the Shadow of Divorce when we acquire the necessary funding. It is important that we begin to educate parents on how to take care of themselves and their children so that the mental health of children is protected during this traumatic time in their lives. If parents learn self care skills to help them through this difficult time yet not be totally self absorbed and learn exactly what to do and what not to do in order to protect their children from the emotional scars of divorce, we will have much healthier children and parents and consequently, a healthier community as a result. We are eager to help both parents and children begin to heal their broken lives and have a brighter, better and more joyful future.

Welcome to our vision of hope, reclaimed joy and the promise of a brighter future, a vision that has meaning and significance for people, families and communities overcoming trauma, illness, heartache and loss especially that of divorce. Welcome to a new vision of healing and future possibilities of Making the World a Better Place. Our Foundation, a 501(c3) non-profit corporation is dedicated to bringing healing from divorce to the forefront, for the betterment of all mankind.

Our film is almost complete and we must raise the necessary funding to finish this important project that will help millions of parents and their children. Please go to www.calmingthestormofdivorce.org. We need your help by making a donation to the film production so that we may finish this documentary. Your donation is tax deductible depending as we are a 501 (c3) foundation and you will receive a letter for tax purposes.  Please like us on Facebook so that others may learn about our project. Thank you


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